You can depend on our reliable drivers to pick you up and deliver you to your appointments on time, every time with Point-To-Point service . When you schedule with us, you can rest assured that we’ll be there on time for both directions.



We’re here to serve our community and provide you with a professional service along the way. Our mission is to set our standards higher than you would set your expectations. We’ll take you there safely and with a smile.



We offer shuttle transportation to airports, hotels, events, shopping excursions, group outings and anywhere else you need to go. Our vehicles are equipped with wheelchair and paratransit accessibility and are ADA approved. We’ll make your ride effortless and relaxing along the way.

Greater Chicago Transit

a Non-Emergency Wheelchair Accessible Transportation Company

When you arrange for non-emergency medical transportation services for your loved ones you need to rest assured that your transportation carrier will handle the transit in a safe and professional manner. You want peace of mind that your service will be reliable and punctual. You need to know that your provider will care for you and assist you right from the start and all the way through to your destination. You need to know that your provider will get you there safely and stress-free. You have enough on your mind already, so you simply need peace of mind and that’s exactly what you will get with us.

Greater Chicago Transit provides you just that! We offer a wide variety of non-emergency medical transportation services and we service entire communities throughout Chicagoland. Our priority is to get you to your destination on time, safely, and with a smile! Whether you’re arranging transport for a loved one or your community, they’ll be in good hands with our professional and experienced carriers. Non-Emergency Paratransit Transportation (NEMT) at its finest! With our excellent service we have positioned ourselves amongst the top wheelchair accessible companies for medical transportation in Chicago. We build our reputation one customer at a time.

We provide flexible transportation options on a fixed-route, contractual, or on-demand service. Give us a call today and at 224.735.1111 to schedule your non-emergency medical transportation services; you’ll be glad you did.

Thanks for choosing Greater Chicago Transmit for non-emergency medical transportation in Chicago!

We offer a full range of NEMT services including…


Senior Homes
and Facilities




Doctors and Hospital


Fixed Route


We understand that managing the mobility needs of your community can be challenging. You need a specialized transportation partner who is caring and dependable, as well as efficient and cost-effective. Greater Chicago Transit provides you just that! We offer a wide variety of transportation services and we service entire communities. Our paratransit services are reliable, punctual, safe, economical, and are second to none. Non-Emergency Paratransit Transportation at its finest!

  • Senior Centers
  • Nursing Homes
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • School Transports
  • Special Event Transports
  • Special Needs Transports
  • Visits
  • Public Transit
  • Behavioral Health
  • Courier Transports
  • Delivery Transports​
  • Shopping Trips
  • Group Outings
  • Parties
  • Airport Shuttles
  • Hotel Shuttles
  • Funerals
  • Church Events
  • Inter-Facility Transfers
  • Adult Day Services

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